Export with Impexaid...Export differently...

Get the right insights on your export market

Knowledge is power, therefore it is crucial to build your export strategy  over a targeted markets insights. Our team of independents consultants  and experts are poised to deliver our clients with a specialized and easy-to-learn export markets fundamentals...see more.

Deal directly with decisions makers

The shortest way of a point to another is the straight line. In Impexaid we believe that the best attitude to explore a new market is to start the export operations right away, this translates into building bridges directly between clients and key buyers in this new market.

Participate to B2B meetings from anywhere

Impexaid B2B meetings events are a unique opportunity to connect from anywhere, with importers, wholesalers, and disributors from Canada and abroad...See more.

Make your business trip... a success!

Impexaid arranges everything you need to perform a successful business trip in Canada, United States, and Europe. Our service comprises: Pickup at the airport, hotels, travels, business meetings, and sightseeing.

We take care of your logistics

Monitoring your first export operations remotely is possible with Impexaid, In fact we ensure that all your samples, test orders will be handled by professionals who can deal with customs clearance complexity and deliver your goods just in time... See more.

Don't pay commission when you export

Our goal is to sustain the success of our clients in their export market by delivering an attractive and competitive product, that's why we don't charge commission on sales, but we apply professionals fees known in advance... See more.

Export to Canada

In IMPEXAID we understand that conquering a new market can be hectic in terms of time and costly in terms of resources. Canada remains a wide market for your international trade expansion.

IMPEXAID provides you with the right approach in order to make your access to the Canadian market a success.

Our approach is based on strategic actions:

We introduce your product after performing a competitive evaluation with similar products existing on the Canadian market.

We provide one-on-one meetings with the canadian importers and decision-makers via video conference. This new way of meeting will give you the opportunity to establish new business relations in the market that you are seeking without having to leave your office.

With IMPEXAID you can also attend the Canadian and North-American trade fairs via video conference. Our team present on the show will schedule for you the meetings with the most important exhibitors in your fields and according to your preferences in all flexibility. This approach will seriously increase the efficiency and success of your prospection.

For your export needs, IMPEXAID provides your company with logistics solutions.  IMPEXAID is located in Montreal and our team is always ready to react and to make sure that your export operations are following the right path.

For more information, please visit our contact page, send an email to affaires@impexaid.com or call our 24/7 phone number 001-514-6066757.

Import from Canada

Canada is a wide country for sourcing it’s also one of the world’s top ten trading nations.

IMPEXAID with its large network will provide you the opportunity to select the best suppliers in your field based on our professional approach.

We also make sure that the profile of your potential suppliers match your expectations in terms of notoriety and competitivity.

IMPEXAID will be at your side at all the levels to make sure that your company will be taken seriously by the potential suppliers which will increase your power of negotiation during the suppliers selections.

The process of suppliers selection will be based on

One on one meetings with potential canadian suppliers, the process will also be based on individual meetings through video conference or live session during fair trade or business missions which will give you the opportunity to talk directly to the exhibitors without leaving your office.

For more informations, please visit our contact page, send email to affaires@impexaid.com or call our 24/7 phone number 001-514-6066757.