From March 01 to 29: Meet with Canadian Fruits and vegetables buyers via video conference

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Impexaid as part of its focusing on international trade innovation, organizes the meeting between Canadian fruits and vegetables importers and exporters in the same field from all over the world via  video conference.
Each participant will be in one on one meeting with 3 buyers from Canada via video conference.
Price: 830 USD / 675 Euro
Registration online
By Phone: Please call  one of our business advisor at 001-514-606-6757 and get more information. Payments are not accepted by phone or credit card, only invoice sent from (after the 3rd meeting)
Registration deadline: February the 28th 2019
Cancellation policy

Why you should participate?

A unique opportunity to meet canadian agri-food buyers in relation with mass distribution brand in Canada.
Increase your chances to concretize export operations on Canadian market through individual meeting with decisions makers able to make orders at the end of the negotiation.
Save tremendously on your international prospection cost by meeting importers in your field through video conference, so you don't need to leave your office for this mission.
Exp: a participation to a fair trade has an average cost of 9500$ for the stand plus transport and daily expenses.


Who should participate?

Fruits and vegetables exporters form all over the world.
International trade companies operating in the fruit and vegetables field.


Why you should export to Canada?

Because Canada is a dynamic and prosperous country in which you can increase your export operations it's also the best country in the G20 to do business, according to both Forbes and Bloomberg.
Canada is an excellent gate to access north America market, an access based on NAFTA agreements (Canada, United States and Mexico)
Agri-food distribution system in Canada includes about 63000 food service establishments, the sector accounted for 4% of Canada's GDP, has one of the most diversified distribution structure in north America because it comprises a growing portion  of goods sales coming from other formats, such as drug stores, warehouse clubs (for example COSTCO), mass merchandisers (for example,Wal Mart, Loblaws), dollar stores and convenience stores. (Source: Agriculture and agri-food Canada)
Canada's population was more than 35 millions as per statistics Canada's estimation on April 1, 2015. Canadians represents 0,5% of the global population and consume about 0,6% of world food production.
The total Canadian agri-food and sea food imports from all countries is about 42000 M$ in 2014. Some statistics of these imports : Italy 1000M$,France 905M$, Germany  440M$, Netherlands 347M$ (approximately).