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We empower exporters at every level of their international development

Wether you are exporting products or services, we ensure to connect you with the right decision makers, deliver you with fundamental knowledge of your foreign market, and provide you with a tailored logistic platform, for a sustainable success.

Export with Impexaid...Export differently...

Get the right insights on your export market

Knowledge is power, therefore it is crucial to build your export strategy  over a targeted markets insights. Our team of independents consultants  and experts are poised to deliver our clients with a specialized and easy-to-learn export markets fundamentals...see more.

Deal directly with decisions makers

The shortest way of a point to another is the straight line. In Impexaid we believe that the best attitude to explore a new market is to start the export operations right away, this translates into building bridges directly between clients and key buyers in this new market.

Participate to B2B meetings from anywhere

Impexaid B2B meetings events are a unique opportunity to connect from anywhere, with importers, wholesalers, and disributors from Canada and abroad...See more.

Make your business trip... a success!

Impexaid arranges everything you need to perform a successful business trip in Canada, United States, and Europe. Our service comprises: Pickup at the airport, hotels, travels, business meetings, and sightseeing.

We take care of your logistics

Monitoring your first export operations remotely is possible with Impexaid, In fact we ensure that all your samples, test orders will be handled by professionals who can deal with customs clearance complexity and deliver your goods just in time... See more.

Don't pay commission when you export

Our goal is to sustain the success of our clients in their export market by delivering an attractive and competitive product, that's why we don't charge commission on sales, but we apply professionals fees known in advance... See more.



Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to assist you in achieving your goals in international trade.

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